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An exclusive 1-year course learning from real-life cases from the best of the best

You will participate with risk professionals from private, retail and wholesale banks and participants from the local regulators. Belleron organises and facilitates the ACADEMY from Summer 2019 and consists of knowledge gathering and sharing. For the 2019 courses, we only have availability left in the Benelux (Amsterdam) and UK (London).

The curriculum contains real-life cases & best practices on fighting financial crime. Some of the subjects which will be touched upon (amongst many others):

  • Catching the bad guys: Rule based vs. Machine Learning
  • Peer grouping - get it to work and understand the statistics
  • CDD & ODD - how to maintain proper due diligence
  • KYC - what approach deliver the best results
  • Machine learning - what models to use & how to train them
  • Automated Alert Processing - reducing false positives automated


Belleron facilitates the ACADEMY with in-depth knowledge provided by the attendees; risk professionals and by our consultants experienced in the field. You'll learn from the best and make each and everybody better by sharing best practices.


20 days over a period of 10 months. The course will handle every relevant topic to fight financial crime. No theory, no vendor talk, just actual techniques and methods which have proven themselves in the real world.

Want to join this course

Please email us at if you want join. Not all applicants are automatically accepted, subject matter expertise is required and other requirements are applicable. Get educated on the techniques that actually work in the field!

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